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Eva & Noriko

Quotes Eva is a terrific personal trainer. She is extremely dedicated and highly motivated. She takes a personal interest in each of her clients and tailors each program so that you do achieve results. In a short time I have lost weight and I have lost inches, all while gaining muscle tone. The success that I have achieved is largely due to her. Thank you so much Eva, you're the best! Quotes
Wanda Jammott (27)

Quotes I started working out again at GoodLife Fitness with a personal trainer. I just wanted to let you know that I have tried so many personal trainers and BY FAR you are the best and the most qualified I have met! If you are every thinking of moving to Ontario let me know and I will be the first to work out with you! Quotes
Nora Isaacson (28)
University Student

Quotes I have been working out on my own for the last 12 years, I learned to exercise by watching people in the gym, fitness magazines and exercise DVDs but I could never get the results that I wanted. At one point I hired a personal trainer but I did not feel he was there for me so I did not continue the training. A few months ago my friend was telling me about Eva, how she was helping her not only with exercising and making good food choices but also encouraging her to keep it going. I could not believe how good my friend looked. The first time we met, just by looking at me Eva knew what part of my body I have been working out and what parts has been neglected. I have been training with Eva for a month now and I can not believe the changes in my body, even my sisters are making comments about how toned my body is looking. Eva makes me work hard; the exercises are very intense but fun at the same time. Fitness wise I am not where I want to be yet, but with Eva help I will get there. Quotes
Evelyn Corcio (37)

Quotes I had been working out on my own for the last 15 years. I was doing the same exercises over and over again, lifting weights, my body became unbalanced as larger muscles were very strong but smaller muscles were weaker and started causing an unbalance and creating injuries to myself. My flexibility was very poor as well and so was my posture. I got to understand all this by hiring a Personal Trainer who is Noriko. She not only helped me understanding what had happened to my body, she also helped me to retrieve a better balance body and align as well. She came up with the proper exercises suitable to improve my posture as well. Also, what I learned is the quality; doing the exercise the proper way is far more important than doing a lot of repetitions using the wrong technique. Noriko helps me to do the exercises properly therefore I have seen great improvement. I am very thankful for Noriko and recommend her to anyone who would like to improve their level of fitness. Quotes
Nicole Cauchon (56)

Quotes I have been very satisfied with the personal training sessions I have had with Eva. They are specialized to needs that I have identified and not just the standard one for all exercises. She has included exercises for when I am traveling. She is fun to be with and has made the training sessions challenging but also enjoyable. I have recommended her to others, and will continue to do so. Quotes
Beverley Taylor (66)

Quotes No matter how hard I tried at the gym, the numbers on the scale wouldn't go down. I focused on doing cardio and I did a couple of weight machines. But I was also afraid of doing more because I didn't really know how to properly use them, or how to use the free weights. I thought about personal training, yet it seemed to me that it was for serious athletes. Then one day at the gym I saw Noriko, a personal trainer with her client. She seemed very approachable and she was very focused on helping her client with her goals. I've now trained with Noriko for almost 2 years and am now down to my last 5 lbs after losing 50lbs! As a trainer she gives you a workout that is never boring - it's actually addictive, fun, and challenging. And she motivates you to go that extra mile. Her training has given me a self-confidence that I never had before - in and out of the gym. Thank you Noriko you are addictive! Quotes
Jeannie Chow
Health Care Worker

Quotes My experience with Eva has been one of being in a care of a dedicated, well trained, knowledgeable personal trainer. Her attention to my personal requirements were astute, with variety in her individually tailored program to meet my needs. I have also observed her individual attention when she is working with others in the gym. She is professional and fun to be with, encouraging, focused, and attentive to detail. I don?t think it could get any better than this in my progression toward fitness and balance. I strongly recommend Eva as an A1 choice for a personal physical fitness trainer. Quotes
Lee McKimm (72)

Quotes I have been lucky enough to take some training from Noriko over the past two years. Noriko is very knowledgeable in her field and has willingly shared her knowledge with me. She has constantly challenged me but has worked very hard to meet my special exercise needs. She has been friendly, prompt, reliable and professional in her dealings with me. I can happily recommend her as a personal trainer. Quotes
Betty Burrell (67)

Quotes Eva's personal training has opened my eyes to how important it is to stay fit, not just what I think is fit, but what SHE thinks is fit. The initial evaluation pinpointed weaknesses and the exercises she designed have made me stronger and fitter. Her cheerful attitude is very encouraging. She is patient and explains everything clearly, checking that the exercises are performed properly. I feel I have made progress and this is confirmed by the evaluations. Eva is a very pleasant person to work with: I am considering doing a second fitness session with her. Quotes
Rosena Davison (67)

Quotes Meeting and training with Eva over these last months has been, without doubt, a real highlight for me. Beyond her skills as a personal trainer Eva is, probably most importantly, a consummate educator. She makes it a point to "hear" and to understand me and my fitness "issues", as an individual. She is patient in explaining the "why" of things to me - how and why things do/don't work. She carefully assesses my training needs, constructs programming that is interesting, motivating and clearly effective, and monitors my progress closely and with encouragement. Eva is holistic in her approach. She helps me to set realistic goals. Eva's professionalism, refined skills as a personal trainer and her warm manner makes working out much more enjoyable and definitely more productive for me than my going it alone on the fitness front! I would strongly recommend Eva to anyone interested in improving their overall fitness. Quotes
Beverley Neville (45+)