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 Ready to start seeing results quickly?  Our bootcamps not only provide improvements in overall physical fitness and appearance, but also provide opportunities to meet and workout with new people in the community. You will be challenged to train at your best.

Our groups are suitable for all fitness levels as they are tailored to individual fitness and strength. Our participants range from those just starting out to others who may be recovering from an injury, to elite athletes looking to complement their training.

Our four week programs start at the beginning of every month and run each week.  They are held in various locations in Vancouver and Metrotown; please contact us for more information!

With a mixture of cardio, resistance, core and sports conditioning exercises you will loose weight and inches, tone up and increase your energy and overall fitness.


New program starting in February 2013, please check back for details at the end of January!  In the meantime please check out our Group Training packages for groups of 2 to 3 people.

Benefits of Bootcamp Training
  • SAFETY: you will learn how to exercise correctly and how to use equipment properly, reducing your risk of injury and helping to keep you safe in your workouts.
  • MOTIVATION: both leaders and co-recruits will motivate you to stick with your program and reach your fitness goals. 
  • PERSONALIZATION: your sessions will evolve as you progress, to ensure you continue to achieve results.
  • EFFECTIVENESS: as your sessions are based on your physical conditions, past injuries, health issues, and your fitness goals you are guaranteed to see results.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: you and your team mates will help to keep each other on track and keep achieving results.
  • You'll have more fun!
 EVA: 778-991-5272  +  NORIKO: 778-863-1432  +  CONTACT US  +  TESTIMONIALS


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    Wanda Jammott (27)
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    Nora Isaacson (28)
    University Student
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